Twenty years ago I designed a laser imaging system specifically for capturing the beauty and eroticism of the human body. So unique were the results that I was given a licensing agreement by Playboy Enterprises to image their finest and, in the 15 years since, my works have become a part of erotic collections around the world

What I can show you on this web site are 2-dimensional representations of my work that convey composition - what I cannot show you is the remarkable realism, full 3-dimensional parallax and incredible detail of the work. For that you’ll have to encounter Sexy Holography firsthand. All the works are holographs produced by hand on glass plates - they are un-retouched and can be ordered framed or unframed.
For customers who reside in or visit the Northwest, I offer personalized images (Moi Art) from studio sittings.
Few in the know would question that I produce the most amazingly compelling 3-D erotica available anywhere in the world - fewer still would argue that you’ve got to see it to believe it.

Ronnie Olson

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