Moi Art

In imaging more than three hundred subjects - more, by a wide margin, than any other holographer in the world - I have attained a degree of studio expertise that comes only with experience.

In particular I have learned how to flatter my studio subjects through artful poses and the sensuous application of laser light that best accentuate each subjects’ unique strengths and beauty. This is essential in a medium that does not allow re-touching and I believe it elevates my work above that of all others.

The creation of Moi Art requires the subject to be present in my Seattle area studio. I work (thankfully) only from real subjects not from photos or video. The session (typically 2-3 hours) involves discussing the image desired; an overview of the technique; and rehearsal of the poses. It culminates in the exposure, processing and reviewing of two or three master images (the equivalent of an analog photographer's negatives). Finished works, framed or unframed can be specified for delivery in as little as seven working days - we have shipped images and satisfied customers in every corner of the world.

Picture of Nicole's Holograph

"The detail is amazing, it really looks like I'm inside the photo. I love what they do!"
Julie Cialiani
Playmate of the Year

Picture of Annie

Picture of Elisa

Picture of Tiffany

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